About Mymoona Productions Ltd.

Mymoona Productions is a Sofia-based company, focused on film making projects and creative development services.

We do preproduction, production and postproduction for feature, documentary and short films. Amongst all, we create original scripts, audio-visual concepts and encourage independent artists’ creativity.


Nikol is an artist since 2012, creating digital designs. From 2017 she and her colleague Olga wrote a script for a feature film "Samodiva", and a Nikol directed Proof of concept for the project.


Nikol has worked in lots of departments in cinema, as an art director, make up artist and got inspired to be a director. Her debut as a Director was the short film ‘Tinder Amazon’ 2018, was selected and screened recently on the Mediterranean Film Festival in Sicily and at a short cinema event in London, UK.


Olga Docheva aka OG Koleff is experienced in different departments in the movie industry, worked mainly in the United Kingdom, Spain and Bulgaria. Olga has studied Meisner technique in London Group Theatre led by Tom Radcliffe himself. Currently she is the script writer of ‘Samodiva’.

Olga has worked in some big projects like ‘Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald’ 2018 and ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ 2019.

Savina Sedghi

Savina Sedghi is an actor and producer from Bulgaria based in London. She has been in 2 tv series, multiple international short films shot in United Kingdom, Italy and Bulgaria, theatre shows in London and commercials for different brands.


Savina has been an associate producer on a feature film back in 2013, a producer of "Luxury Death", which was selected in top 10 of best shorts in 2018 in Bulgaria, and was finalist and semi-finalist in festivals in L.A. and Barcelona. In 2018, Savina produced "Gelato Sequence", "Shadow", "Die Happy", in Italy and co-produced "Andra Tutto Bene" and "Savina" made in Italy, "Tinder Amazon", made in Bulgaria, "Black Sheep", made in Sunderland and "Sleep Eulogy", made in London in the beginning of 2019. Also Savina has produced two theatre shows in London for Camden Fringe Festival and a London Theatre Pub Tour in 2017.


Joana Dralchev aka Joanne Atarah is an Actress, SFX MakeUp Artist and a published author.

Her background spreads on two continents and includes work with Oscar-winner professionals. 

Her multicultural experience and contemporary approach brings high quality in every creative process.