Showreels workshops

Available only in Sofia, Bulgaria

Soon in London, UK

Welcome to our Acting Development Program, MODUL: Show Reels Workshop

Every last week of the month MyMoonA Productions is organizing this workshop space for actors with final product – SHOW REEL.

In our company we believe, every actor who desire expanding and reaching wider market needs this initiate tool. The Show Reel opens the doors to every casting director, acting agent, independent production & major one. This is the only way you can show your craft level around the world.

We are gladly presenting our one of a kind Show Reels Workshop

The Show Reels Workshop Schedule:

Monday to Friday – 6pm to 9pm, local time, Bulgaria*

Saturday & Sunday – Call time upon schedule, fixed meanwhile the workshop


Beneficial is to attend to all of the dates, but you may be missing if necessary, only if your partner/s are happy with it, or have same schedule.

*Punctual address is received upon order.

The Show Reels Workshop Includes:

Throughout the Workshop week we are aiming to achieve cinematic dynamic & look, authentic & realistic performance, creating your best SHOW REEL material & edit it after. This tool, will be showing your acting craft at it’s current state & it is recommended to change it in every 12months at least, adding scenes from production you’ve been in after the first Show Reel kick in 😉  

1. Marketing strategy tools for every actor:
  • How to understand your type cast & use it.
  • How to place yourself on the market.
  • How to look at yourself & your acting craft as an ever evolving product.
  • How to find an agent.
  • How does an actor’s package look & tools to create it quickly.
  • Useful literature & why the actor’s workshops work.
  • Networking and how to use it for your benefit.
2. Scenes workshop analysis & prep for shooting:
  • Acting exercises amongst the partners.
  • Analysis the scenes.
  • Acting exercises towards authenticity.
  • Acting coaching on the text.
3. Filming the scenes:
  • Blocking rehearsal.
  • Filming every scene beneficial to all of the partners in the scenes.
  • Up to 3 takes on the close ups for every actor.
  • Eventual post production voice record.
4. Edit:
  • Leave it us, and will have it within three to four weeks after the workshop’s end 😉

And you get your Showreel.

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