Creating a movie is a long process involving lots of creative individuals, crew members & actors cast.

Currently we are working on the pre-production of the movie upon our own. It’s been more than five months for our core team, since we’ve started, working on the Proof of Concept for the movie, characters, story line, script and now we are entering the most intensive part – budgeting, breakdown, story board and finding investors search and new partnering companies.

Why do we need you support?

We are currently facing times in which in terms to move on and find our investors, we need to place the Proof of Concept of ‘Samodiva’ the movie in the rightful places such as festivals, screenings and production meetings.  This involves a lot more work and focus, plane tickets, meetings, festival taxes etc. that we cannot afford without your support.

Why support?

Because we are young & brave enough to follow our hearts by creating intriguing stories with a worldwide message.

Because we are not working 9 to 5 to stay alive, instead we are investing our time to creation, focus on the details and pointing the problems with our art.

Because we are inviting & supporting other creative individuals to do what they truly want.

How do you support?

There are two current ways to do so:

1) By buying on of our ‘SAMODIVA’ branded products >>

2) By donation through our PayPal account >>

Your support will go in:

  • festivals cost for releasing the Proof of concept of ‘Samodiva’ to the appropriate festivals
  • tickets for members of the team to get to the world spots they need to in terms of meeting producers and investors
  • covering the rest of the production cost for a laptop for the CGI process
  • anything left will be spread in a fair shares through the main team members who kept on working for the past five months

Who do you support?

Nino Tiberio Gomes – CGI

Boris Hristov – EDITOR

Mariya Stefanova – PR


Joana Dralchev – ACTRESS/WRITER



And all the rest of the crew of Proof of Concept for ‘Samodiva’ >> 

Thank you for your help to continue working!

And let the magic of fairytales create better world.

Team ‘Samodiva’